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Your voice can make a difference!

Let your MPP know that after years of cuts, Ontario needs more nurses delivering the quality care that families deserve.

We'll send your message directly to your MPP (based on your Postal Code), and present it to the Legislature as part of a province-wide petition. And should you choose to stay updated, we'll keep you posted on how your elected politicians respond, as well as the most important developments in Ontario health care.

To: My Local Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP)

Cc: Hon. Kathleen Wynne, MPP, Premier
Hon. Deb Matthews, MPP, Minister of Health
Andrea Horwath, Leader of the New Democratic Party
Tim Hudak, Leader of the PC Party

Dear Member of Provincial Parliament:

We all know that more registered nurses means better, safer patient care – more time with each patient, shorter waits, fewer complications and lower death rates for patients.

So why is Ontario cutting registered nurses and putting patient care at risk?

I’m worried that:

  • Our province has the second-lowest registered nurse to person ratio in Canada with just seven RNs per 1,000 Ontarians;
  • In order to catch up to other provinces, we need to hire 17,500 more RNs;
  • The government has cut more than 1,000 registered nursing jobs since 2012; and
  • Research shows a direct link between the number of registered nurses and the quality of patient care; for every extra patient added to the average workload of a registered nurse, patient complications and patient death increase by 7%.

Base hospital funding has been less than the rate of inflation and the cost of population growth since 2008, and frozen for the last two fiscal years. Hospitals are looking to balance tight budgets by replacing RNs with workers not qualified for the complex care needs of their patients. Patient care suffers when RN positions are deleted, resulting in excessive workloads, or when the nursing workforce is deskilled.

And these cuts are coming at a time when our population is increasing and growing older.

Instead of cutting registered nurses we need to train and hire more so we can provide the highest-quality care for everyone in Ontario, no matter where they live.

I urge you to support:

  • increased base funding for hospitals
  • a moratorium on any further cuts to registered nurses.
  • and a multi-year action plan to hire and maintain registered nursing positions in all health care sectors.

We need more nurses in Ontario. Not more cuts.

Choose care, not cuts

Let your candidates know that this election you're voting for more nurses!

We'll send your message directly to your candidates (based on your Postal Code).

To: My riding candidates

Dear Candidate:

We all know – and research shows – that more registered nurses means better and safer patient care. More RNs also means shorter waits, fewer complications and lower death rates for patients.

Ontario has the second-lowest RN-to-population ratio in Canada with just 7 RNs per 1,000 Ontarians. To catch up, Ontario needs a plan to hire 17,500 more RNs.

Before I vote on June 12, I would like to know where your party stands on this important issue.

Please answer the questions below so I can make an informed decision on election day.

Question 1: Will your party commit to a moratorium on any further cuts to registered nurses?

Question 2: Will your party commit to implementing a multi-year plan to hire and maintain RN positions in all sectors?

Thank you for reading my email. I look forward to your response.

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